Globe university HR315 Unit 8 assignment

CASE STUDY 11-1 The Right to Contract Out1. Which party has the burden of proof in this case? Which level of proof will be used? Why?2. Is this case a matter of ‘‘good faith’’ on the part of the Company or a contract interpretation issue? Why? Why not?3. Develop some general guidelines for companies to retain the right to contract out bargaining unit work. 4. When a company contracts out work formerly performed by bargaining unit employees, is the company violating the recognition clause of the Labor Agreement?5. Be the arbitrator. How do you rule? Why? Answer case study 11-1, questions 1-5. Please be sure to cite your sources and support your work with course concepts. Give your detailed answers and use course concepts to explain why you have provided your chosen answer. You will be graded on completeness of answers and support of answers through incorporation of course concepts.