General Topic: Poor Countries and Free Trade Question to asnwer : The world’s poorest countries are at a competitive disadvantage in every sector of their economies. They often have little to export.

General Topic: Poor Countries and Free Trade 

Question to asnwer : The world’s poorest countries are at a competitive disadvantage in every sector of their economies. They often have little to export. They have no capital; often their land is of poor quality; they often have too many people given available work opportunities; and they are poorly educated. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement – Free trade cannot possibly be in the interests of such nations! Why or why not? Discuss.

The paper should not be more than 2,000- 2,500 words (excluding the bibliography); please use Times New Roman, font size 12, double-spaced.Please submit your assignment as a Word document (not as pdf or any other format). In addition to the material discussed in International Business class, and the material from textbooks, you may want to use outside sources to develop your arguments for the paper. You must cite the sources in your paper and include the corresponding reference in the References or Bibliography section of your paper. You can include a maximum of six exhibits to support your analysis. When you use exhibits, please label them, refer to them and explain them in the text.

If you are unsure about how to write a research paper, please refer to the following website, which has a wealth of information on these topics :

Generally speaking, the following questions should give you a sense of what I look for :

–        Does the introduction section succinctly describe the purpose, importance, and plan of the term paper?

–        Is the thesis clearly stated in the introduction?

–        Is the paper well organized, in other words, is the main point of each paragraph easily understood?

–        If applicable, does the paper provide an historical perspective on the problem?

–        Does the paper provide a complete and accurate discussion of the topic using examples from reliable sources such as scholarly books, peer-reviewed publications, course textbook, or government publications, etc.?

–        Does it demonstrate critical thinking when evaluating ideas?

–        Does the paper offer supporting evidence to make a strong case for arguments being made?

–        Are the conclusions explained and backed by reasons?

–        Do the sentences flow in a logical order?

–        Are in-text citations appropriately used to credit all material from other sources?

–        Are all citations listed?

–        Are they appropriately distributed among web sites (no more than 4), peer reviewed journals, textbook and other sources?

–        Are the sentences clear, free of spelling and grammatical errors?