Discuss two of the following statement. Assume the role of one of the five parties in the GLOBE Project Study case as you form your answers. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

a.Select two of the dimensions of culture, identified by either Hofstede or the GLOBE Project Study, and discuss how best to negotiate a deal favorable to an organization’s relationship in an Eastern European and an Asian country.

b.Select two clusters from the GLOBE Project Study groups and describe how the history and traditions of those countries’ clusters are reflected in their cultural dimensions. Indicate how this information can help you in the negotiation process.

c.Explain why in Cross-Cultural Negotiations, the heuristic of availability is a culturally significant bias in a negotiation to sell a computer in a highly feminine society.

d.Discuss the differences between promotion focus, prevention focus and shadow negotiation, and which type is a negotiator from a collectivist society more likely to have, and why?