8-10 page paper….SEE ATTACHMENT FOR MORE DETAILS***please use as many peer-reviewed sources as possible***In this unit you will submit your Individual Research Paper on your chosen topic that you have been working on since Unit 1.You will submit your completed paper to the Instructor who will submit it to Turnitin.com for feedback.In your writing, sometimes it can be a challenge to determine the originality of thoughts when you are translating the ideas of authors and scholars internalized during research. Turnitin is helpful to you in that it can assist with identifying the integrity of APA citations and references in your paper.Your work on this Final Research Paper in previous units has been the building blocks that are the sub-parts of this Assignment. By combining your work from previous units, you will have completed the bulk of this Assignment. You may include some additional analysis on the findings of the entire HR department versus analyzing one segment of the department as your previous Assignments have required.