Four Simple Finance MCQs

For a start-up company, what would you expect in it’s pattern of cash flows?Answer+Operating, +Investing, +Financing-Operating, +Investing, +Financing-Operating, -Investing, +Financing,-Operating, -Investing, -FinancingWhich type of lease would provide the lowest cost if sales are estimated to be $110,000, the fixed payment is $5,000 and the variable payment is 4%?AnswerVariableMixedFixedUnable to determineCalculate the net cash flow for the second month on the following:Credit sales $100,000, with 40% paid in the month of sales, and the balance the second month.Credit purchases $60,000, with 50% paid in the first month and the balance the second month.Answer-30,000+10000-10000+30,000Room Sales $1,850,000Food Sales 525,000Food Cost 300,000Statistical Data:115 rooms available daily for salePaid rooms occupied annually: 33,580Covers: 34,425The Average Room Rate is:AnswerA. $55.09B. $65.09C. $44.07D. $60.10