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Discussion 1 due October 26

Review  “Arguments Based on Emotions: Pathos.”

Draft a 300-word (minimum) persuasive essay that responds to “Dawn beyond Life’s Sunset Clause,” by Linda Bowles. Your underlined thesis in the first paragraph must offer an opinion about the following argument, in the Bowles essay, by Russian novelist and poet Vladimir Nabokov.

“Our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.”

Your essay response must also specifically address the following Bowles passage:

“We are all programmed to die; there is a ’sunset clause’ in our DNA. God designed us to perish. We may die from some disease, accident or assault. Escaping that, we simply grind down and wear out. Our life’s journey in this world has a destination certain, and there is nothing we can do about it.”

There are additional assignment instructions on the Bowles handout. Click here to read “Dawn beyond Life’s Sunset Clause.” attach below

Before developing your thesis, click here to read “A Word about the Thesis.”

Use “Dawn beyond Life’s Sunset Clause” as a source to create two in-text citations and a Works Cited section for your essay. The information for the citations is provided at the end of the Bowles reading. Use only the Bowles source for this assignment.

Use two direct quotations: The Nabokov quotation and a Bowles’ quotations. Limit the two quotations to a total of not more than four lines.

EXCEPTION: If it is essential to support your thesis, you are permitted to use one Bible source in addition to the above source requirement. Any quotations from the Bible must not exceed two lines.

Discussion 2 due October 27


Take a look at the Clay Bennett editorial cartoon on p. 519.

Your 100-word response must be in the form of a short argument and counterargument about what message the cartoonist is attempting to portray about the perceived relationship between law enforcement and the diverse public that it serves.

NOTE: If the Clay Bennett cartoon is not on p. 519 of whatever book that you have, either look in the index for “Bennett” or click here.

Post your response on the Blackboard Discussion Board under “Week 3 – Serve and Protect.”

This is not an essay assignment, just your comments. Do not format your comments like an essay; type your comments in the “Message” box. When you finish responding, click “Submit.” NOTE: Other students in the class will be able to read your response.