Financial Management subject.

Kindly help me with these questions. Please and thank you. Financial Management subject.

A) LALA Sdn, Bhd. must choose between two machines, A and B. The purchasing costs todayand maintenance expenses at the end of every year for these two machines are given asfollows:YearMachine AMachine B-RM2,000,000RM2,500,000-RM200,000-RM210,000RM200,000-RM210,000RM200.000RM210,000RM210,000RM210,000All cash flows occur at year-end and the discount rate is 129%. Assume that revenuesare the same regardless of the machine, and assume that whichever machine thecompany chooses, it will continue to buy that model forever. Which machine shouldthe company choose? Tax rate is 24% and simplified straight line is used as themethod of depreciation.