Begin your research by completing the following:1. Companies disclose the impact of new accounting pronouncements in the footnotes to their financial statements (Usually in the Summary of Significant Accounting Policies).Required:Search your company’s financial statements to determine the new accounting standards that affected their operations during the past year and summarize their effects.2. Compile information for your company to be used to perform a fundamental analysis (annual reports, quarterly reports, management’s discussion and analysis and information from the financial press).Required:a. Consult the Web to determine the current recommendation for your company’s stock from financial analysts. (A good source for this information is the Fortune Investor.)b. Comment on the trend in earnings for your company and future expectations voiced by management.c. Chart your company’s stock price for the past 12 months and compare it to changes in the Standard and Poor’s Index (Use another index if your company is in a specialized industry for which an index is published.)d. Use the index chosen in part c to compute a beta for your company.
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