Qu 1: Johnson Tire Distributors has an unlevered cost of capital of 12 percent, a tax rate of 34 percent, and expected earnings before interest and taxes of $1,400. The company has $2,800 in bonds outstanding that have a 7 percent coupon and pay interest annually. The bonds are selling at par value. What is the cost of equity?Multi-choice:A)9.51 percentB)10.86 percentC)8.15 percentD)12.22 percentE)13.58 percentPlease show workings.Qu2)Jemisen’s firm has expected earnings before interest and taxes of $1,800. Its unlevered cost of capital is 14 percent and its tax rate is 34 percent. The firm has debt with both a book and a face value of $2,700. This debt has a 7 percent coupon and pays interest annually. What is the firm’s weighted average cost of capital?Multi-choice:A)12.69 percentB)12.86 percentC)13.54 percentD)13.16 percentE)12.63 percentQu3)Central Systems, Inc. desires a weighted average cost of capital of 6 percent. The firm has an after-tax cost of debt of 4 percent and a cost of equity of 8 percent. What debt-equity ratio is needed for the firm to achieve its targeted weighted average cost of capital?Multi-choice:A)1.17B).90C)1.10D).83E)1.00Please show workings