Does the combination of Donepezil and memantine alleviate behavioral symptoms and slow down cognitive decline in Alzheimers disease Patients without compromising their tolerability?
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Alzheimers disease is a common neurodegenerative disorder that affects and causes the loss of cognitive faculties denying the affected patients the ability to effectively perform their activities of daily living (Doraiswamy et al. 2008). It is presently the most prevalent form of adult onset dementia and the affected patients usually experience both neuropsychiatric and behavioral difficulties. Although there is presently no specific cure for Alzheimers disease the cholinergic and glutamatergic system treatments have been found to alleviate the cognitive and behavioral symptoms to a great extent (Doraiswamy et al. 2008). The acetyl cholinesterase/cholinesterase inhibitors usually elevate the levels of the acetylcholine and this is achieved breaking down the neurotransmitters. On the other hand memantine acts by antagonizing the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors thus alleviating the patients behavioral symptoms (Tariot et al. 2005).
Research Question Does the combination of Donepezil and memantine alleviate behavioral symptoms and slow down cognitive decline in Alzheimers disease Patients without compromising their tolerability?
Since there is no particular treatment that has been developed to completely cure or modify the disease the attention of all medical professionals and researchers has been focused on alleviating the symptoms minimizing their progression and at the same time ensuring that the underlying pathophysiology is not modified. More resources and time should therefore be invested towards achieving these treatment goals since their achievement gives patients the opportunity to stay for a longer period of time on the more functional milder stages of the disease. Although alleviating disease symptoms and reducing their clinical worsening is very beneficial in improving the quality of life of Alzheimers disease patients their safety is equally important thus the rationale of focusing on the safety and tolerability of the combination treatment as well.
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Paper 1
Arti A Molinuevo JL Lemming O Wirth Y Pulte & Wilkinson D 2013 Memantine in patients with Alzheimers disease receiving donepezil: new analyses of efficacy and safety for combination therapy Alzheimers Research & Therapy vol. 5 no. 6 pp. 2-11.
In this article Arti and his colleagues were trying to analyze and determine the safety and efficiency of using mamentine on Alzheimers disease patients who are already under donepezil treatment therapy. Cholinesterase when used in combination with memantine has been found by various studies to be very beneficial in alleviating behavioral and cognitive symptoms in Alzheimers disease patients and therefore this study strives to analyze efficacy and safety of using them in combination and particularly where by the memantine is introduced to stable donepezil. The study was carried out on patients in the moderate to severe stages of the disease. The authors established and confirmed the claims made by previous works of research that adding memantine to stable donepezil in a combination treatment for Alzheimers disease patients significantly promotes the reduction of function cognition and global status decline. Furthermore they concluded that the combination treatment is safe and tolerable in addition the extent of the effects was found to be great enough to have both statistical and clinical significance. Since this study involved patients from the stages of the disease that accommodate the largest number of patients its findings are reliable to a great extent. Moreover the data was collected over a period of 24 weeks giving sufficient time to study and determine whether the patients health status was deteriorating or improving the findings are most likely to be true and therefore are reliable and useful in my research. This article therefore meets the needs of this assignment and will be a very useful resource in answering my research question.