Develop one short-term and one long-term client learning objective. Ensure that these
goals follow the SMART format (e.g. specific measurable achievable realistic and timely).
Once this is done think about how you will deliver the education plan your activity. Select
appropriate teaching methods based on the clients developmental stage (cognitive physical
and psychosocial ability) this could be role play a game demonstration of the task. This
plan needs to be matched to the clients learning needs and your assessment of the client.
Consider timing as well as teaching materials to maintain the clients attention
? Implementation: Describe your teaching approaches what instructional methods that will
be used and give details about how you will implement the education of the client. It could
be that you use telling selling reinforcing etc. Will you need to use any props or equipment
such as posters blood glucose machines?
? Evaluation: Explain how you will determine if the clients learning outcomes have been met.
When will you evaluate the client? Maybe it will be to get the client to explain the
information back to you or demonstrate what task you have shown them.
Application of critical thinking 0 20 marks
? You need to integrate / relate the theories (developmental and learning) to the case study to
demonstrate that you can apply your knowledge to the development of the CTA and its
delivery to the client. Think about Blooms taxonomy and other learning theories (affective
cognitive and psychomotor) when you are writing your assignment. The ability to make
appropriate reference to these helps demonstrate your critical thinking.
Referencing 0 10 marks
? 5 10 references 3 MUST be from peer reviewed journals.
? Must follow APA style. The ECU referencing guide is your best friend!
? Must be error free both in and end text to achieve the higher marks.
? References must be quality to achieve the higher marks.
English language proficiency 0 10
? Good sentence and paragraph structure