Evidence Based Practice EBP Considerations

Explore these sites and review these guidelines
The CDC’s, Vaccines and Immunization Guidelines of the ACIP
The Canadian Pediatric Society’s, Clinical Tools & Resources for monitoring infant and pediatric growth & development
The American Psychiatric Association’s, Recently Released Guidelines covering multiple topics, including the prescribing of psychotropic drugs
American Association of Nurse Practitioners’, Clinical Practice Tools
Look up the Scope & Standards of Practice for each major/role:
Nurse Administrators
Nurse Educators
Nurses Practitioners
Meet with a member of your EBP / Clinical Practice Guidelines Council and discuss the process used for translating research into practice to discuss the following questions:
What process is used in your agency for ensuring that practice guidelines are applicable to your patient population?
What process is used to updated practice guidelines?
Of these guidelines and scope and standards of practice, which one(s) do you believe need the greatest attention for updating and why?
How do these guidelines impact each of the major roles in nursing: administrator, educator, provider?