Planning and delivery are pivotal factors in successfully conveying ideas to others. In this final phase of collaboration within your respective groups, the task will be to construct a Communication Plan that outlines how you intend to make potential customers in the country aware of Kelly Services and the benefits of its programs.Your Communication Plan should contain four basic components:a.Define the Audience. Write one paragraph that lists in general the groups [e.g. small businesses, light industrial trade associations, nonprofits, etc.] you’re attempting to influence. What are some of the characteristics of the country’s business community that warrants consideration? Why do you believe the target audience offers the best potential for Kelly Services?b.Create the Message. Summarize in 100 words your central message that will be used in various forms in the communication media you plan to use.c.Select the Media. How do you plan to get that message across? What media mix would be effective in reaching the target audience? Direct mailings, glossy flyers, magazine articles, press releases, customer visits/presentations, participation in trade fairs? Choose more than one approach and discuss why you feel the media you’ve chosen will work?d.Evaluate the Results. Write a paragraph detailing explaining how you will determine if the effort was effective. Can you measure the results? This feedback will be helpful when deciding whether to continue with the existing Communication Plan or modify it.