his week, review your thesis statement from Week 11, keeping a specific goal in mind: We’re going to expand those to full outlines. Your main idea–or MAJOR CLAIM, if you think back to my lecture on structure–must be argumentative, meaning it needs to be something people would disagree with. And, if you examine the preview of the essay instructions I’ve included this week, you’ll see that the claim also needs to advocate for a specific solution to a problem you uncovered in your social issue.

Before we move on, please understand that “should be aware of” or “be educated about” or “understand” aren’t going to be appropriate. You need to convince your audience to take specific action in order to solve a problem. And, you’ll need to prove that your solution is the best solution to the problem.

Then, you’ll want to make sure the reasons you listed in your thesis statement are supportable by the evidence you already have. Use the research you did for the Annotated Bibliography and Report assignments to synthesize your reasoning. So, if your thesis is “Though it is a popular craft supply, glitter should be banned because it is difficult to work with, makes a gigantic mess, and is impossible to clean up,” you want to make sure you have evidence for each of those reasons. If you don’t, you’ll need to rethink the reasoning.

Once you’ve got all of that on hand, it’s time to create a formal outline. I’ve included a document below that should help you, as well as a link to a site with some guidance in case you’ve never created one before. Further, if you revisit the Thesis Statement Generator, there’s a link there that will help you turn that thesis into an outline.

Review all of that material and then complete the assignment below.

Happy writing!

For this assignment, you’ll use all the work you’ve done this term to compose a formal persuasive essay in which you propose a solution to the social, political, or ethical problem you’ve explored this term. You’ll need to describe the problem, propose a solution to that problem, and demonstrate why your solution is more effective than other solutions that may be or have been proposed. Your argument must be supported by evidence, logically organized, and employ the rhetorical appeals in a balanced, effective manner.

Things to consider as you formulate your approach: Who does your problem affect, and how? Why does your problem need solving? What does your audience need to know about your problem in order to understand and agree with your position? How do diction, complexity, and style affect the overall tone of your argument? How can you refute opposing viewpoints in a professional and respectful manner?

Essay Requirements:  1250 words minimum, formatted according to MLA Guidelines. At least seven credible sources, cited in your essay and listed in your Works Cited page.  Two copies of your complete, finished draft in class for workshop. ***IMPORTANT*** Participation in workshop is mandatory. If you do not have your copies, or your draft is incomplete, or you do not attend the workshop session, you will receive a 0 on the essay. Your own work, created originally for this specific assignment. While I’ve got my plagiarism policy listed in the syllabus, the institution’s full policy can be found online and in the college catalog.

This assignment will be graded according to the rubric available in Black Board.

Once you’ve reviewed your research, thesis, outline material, and previewed the actual essay prompt, create a formal outline for your essay. While you shouldn’t include complete sentences for every bullet point, it should be clear that you know exactly what is going to go in the essay, where it’s going to go in the essay, and why it’s going to go where you’re putting it in the essay. So, for most of the outline, just a phrase or a few words will do.

Where you should have complete sentences are the thesis statement and the concrete details/illustrations you’re going to use to support your ideas. You may also have a clear idea of what your hook will be, as well as your final sentence–the Mic Drop. If you know what those are going to be, include the full sentences there too.

The evidence you include will need MLA-formatted citations, and you’ll need to include a Works Cited page. Please refer to your textbook or style.mla.org for more guidance, should you need it.

Ultimately, the goal is to get all your ideas organized in one place, in as close to the order in which they’re going to appear, well before you write the actual essay. When you outline first, you give yourself an opportunity to try ideas and their relationships before you put hours of drafting in. Outlines are infinitely valuable, not just to separate the organization from the drafting, but also to recognize what needs to be fixed before fixing things requires big rewrites.

So, your job is to create a formal outline, fully expressing what ever part of your essay will contain.

These will be due BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, so that I can give you feedback before you write the essay based on the outline. This assignment is categorized as a Rhetorical Project, which means it’s worth as much to your grade as our formal essays. So, make sure you give this your full attention and effort.