ENG120 Final paper

.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/displayLearningUnit?course_id=_53129_1&content_id=_3912170_1″ title=”Chapter 20: the research paper”>.blackboard.com/images/ci/icons/arrow_previous_li.gif” alt=”Previous item”>Page 3 of 5.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/displayLearningUnit?course_id=_53129_1&content_id=_3912172_1″ title=”Journal 5″>.blackboard.com/images/ci/icons/arrow_next_li.gif” alt=”Next item”>The Research Argument PaperFor our final paper, due during Finals Week, you will research and write a five-page argument paper that is well-supported with at least five sources of outside research. You have five choices for your topic:1. Are we too connected? Consider your generation, and make an argument about whether or not you are too digitally connected with cell phones, texting, facebook, twitter, the internet, email, etc. What is the impact of being constantly online and available? How has it changed (positively, negatively, or something in between) life as we know it? 2. What values do “reality television” shows appeal to? How have they changed television viewing habits? What might they say about today’s society that watches them?3. It light of recent U.S. school shootings, do you have a proposed solution for preventing or changing this for the future? Some advocate for stricter gun control, others suggest arming teachers or campus police for better protection. What should be done?4. What is the impact of disposable products and packaging in the marketplace and on the environment? Are there better ways to do business? Should new government regulations be developed? Are the environmental hazards overstated?5. Should gay marriage be legal? This argument is going on right now at the federal and state level. Make a case for one side or the other.Once you have selected your topic, start conducting research and then write the first draft of your paper, which is dueduring Week 15.Your paper must be at least 5 pages, not including your Works Cited page which should follow your paper. Your research must include at leastfivesources cited, including at least one source from an article published in an academic journal. The easiest way to search for these sources is to use the online databases available at the college library. Your paper must follow MLA format perfectly, and be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word.