write 200 words for part 1 (discussion) and 100 words for part 2 (student reply)

https://quizlet.com/303689322/ch27-employment-immigration-labor-law-flash-cards/this is summary of the chapter part 1 and part 2 about chapter 27

please don’t forget to mention the court decision and the appeal court decision, and say if you think it is fair or no depending on the chapter.

Part One – Please write a paragraph or two on the case you liked or disliked the most in Chapters 27-32 and tell us why. Choose a case that is highlighted in the book (check the screenshots) – one that covers a page or more. (Don’t choose a “Case in Point” or other case that is mentioned in a paragraph of text – even though it might be very interesting.) Also, identify your case by the case name before you start your comments.

In your comment, briefly summarize the facts, then relate them to the legal concepts we are studying. A summary of the facts and your opinion of “fair” or “not fair” is not a legal discussion. Apply the legal concepts you are studying to what happened in the case. Then you may add your opinion to the decision if you like.

Part Two – Next, read another student’s discussion, Write a paragraph after the student’s entry with additional or contrary points regarding that student’s discussion. . (Be respectful!)

A word of caution: In the past, some students have posted on a case and only described the facts and the trial court decision. Don’t forget to summarize the decision of the appellate court case we read.

A second word of caution: In the past, I’ve seen students submit incorrect summaries of a case decision (which is bad – those students lost points). But what was worse is that other students posted on the incorrect summaries – agreeing with the writer! Yikes! Be careful of that. If you think another student has the post wrong, speak up!