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Policy Briefs

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First, I would like for you to look at the sample briefs provided in the course material as this will be extremely helpful. This shows you what the final product should look like, and what material goes into it. You MUST submit your brief in this format!!!

Next, you want to select a piece of legislation related to the topic area we are

Next, you will analyze your piece of legislations (i.e. policy).

Defining the problem: What problem existed that caused the need for this piece of legislation? Policies are usually created in response to something. Once you find your policy, this information should be included. What is the name of the policy? What is it supposed to do or fix? Who presented it?

Then you will Apply the MAY – CAN & SHOULD Analysis. 

May –

Biblical guidelines: Is there anything in the bible related to this policy? What biblical guidelines did Jesus provide regarding the topic? If you find something, quote the text, cite it, and explain why you think it is related.

Constitutional Guidelines: What does the constitution say about this policy? Is it covered? If so, state it here. Be clear. Include the Article number and tell me what it is.


Political Feasibility: Where does it stand politically? Has it passed? Is it being decided? Do you think it would pass? Why or why not?

Financial Feasibility: How much does it cost? Does the cost make sense? It is worth it? Why or Why not?

Practical Feasibility – Considering why it was set up, do you think it is a practical way to solve the problem? If so why or why not?

Should – 

Given the information your presented above, should this policy pass? How do you feel about it? If you support it, state why or why not. Support your position. You want to be detailed when presenting your case. Pretend you are at the round table and you want to support (or reject) this policy. You want to convince your fellow politicians to support you. Make it good. This section does not have to be long. It should be clear, concise, and effective. Does it pass the MAY Can Should Analysis?

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Read the course material and use it to help you analyze your policy.  Using the course material is a requirement.