76. The two most important factors that determine an area’s climate are temperature and windtemperature and precipitationprecipitation and lightlight and temperaturewind and light77. Deep lakes with steep banks that have a small supply of plant nutrients are oligotrophic lakeseutrophic lakesculturally eutrophic lakeshypereutrophic lakesmesotrophic lakes78. The most effective water heater is an electric water tankis a gas water heateris an oil water heateris a tankless instant water heater fired by natural gasis a propane water heater79. One-third of the human food supply comes from plant that are pollinated by batsbirdsinsectswindmammals80. The direct threat of climate change to marine habitat is increase in carbon storage in oceansspread of tropical diseasesdecreased salinity of waterrising sea levelsUV radiation from ozone depletion81. The greatest marine biodiversity is located in the bottom region of the oceanin the surface region of the oceanin the coastal region of the oceanin the open oceanin coral reefs82. It is necessary to use energy to get energy. The difference between what you get and what you use to get it is called gainlossgross energyprofitnet energy83. An old-growth forest would be defined as a commercial forest older than 30 yearsa forest undisturbed for at least 50 yearsa second-growth forest undisturbed for at least 100 yearsa re-planted forest that has had little disturbance for 100 yearsan uncut or regenerated primary forest undisturbed for several hundred years84. Which of the following is NOT one of the external geologic processes driven by energy from the sun? formation of mountainswind erosionweatheringwater erosionglacial erosion85. The dimly lit zone in which zooplankton and smaller fishes predominate, is the abyssal zoneeuphotic zoneestuary zonebathyal zonebenthic zone86. Forests cover about _____ % of the U.S. land area. 101525305087. The continuous, low level extinction of species that has occurred since the beginning of life on earth is called continual extinctionmass extinctionbackground extinctionlocal extinctionbiological extinction88. Which of the following countries has a significant whaling industry and whale meat market? United StatesAustraliaGreat BritainJapanChina89. The most important factor in determining which biome is found in a particular area is soil typetopographygeologyclimatelandforms90. The root cause of food insecurity is warpolitical upheavalpovertycorruptionclimate change91. The location on the earth’s surface above where an earthquake begins is called its apexfocusmagnitudeepicenterfault92. The world’s single largest cause of illness is malariatyphoidmosquitoespoor healthunsafe drinking water93. The middle, partially melted zone of the interior of the earth is called the crusttectonic platecoremantlemagma94. Which part of the earth’s crust makes up 71% of the crust? oceanic crustasthenospherelithospherecontinental crustgeosphere95. Which of the following describes a local area’s short-term temperature, precipitation, and humidity? climateweatherrainshadowthermal inversionswind patterns96. Approximately _____ of the commercial energy used in the U.S. is wasted 25%58%65%78%84%97. In 2008 approximately 36% of the commercial honeybee colonies in the U.S. were lost due to? habitat lossclimate changehybridization with African honey beescolony collapse disorderpesticide use98. It takes approximately ____ barrels of water to produce one barrel of shale oil 125102599. Prevailing winds are the result of what? temperaturedirection the sun strikes the earthrotation of the earth on its axisocean currentssun storms100. Which of the following refers to the ability of a living system to be restored after a period of moderate disturbance? stabilityinertiaconstancystabilityresilience
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