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Assignment 1: Discussion Questions
By Saturday May 6 2017 post your response to the assigned discussion questions in the below Discussion Area. It is important to support what you say with relevant
citations in the APA format from both the course materials and outside resources. Include the South University Online Library in your research activities utilizing not
only the nursing resource database but also those pertaining to education business and human resources.
No later than Wednesday May 10 2017 review and comment on the discussion question responses posted by at least two of your peers. Be objective clear and concise.
Always use constructive language. All comments should be posted to the appropriate topic in this Discussion Area.
Discussion Question
Visit Souths online library and review these two articles.
Connelly L. M. (2014). Use of theoretical frameworks in research. MEDSURG Nursing 23(3) 187-188.
Green H. E. (2014). Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research. Nurse Researcher 21(6) 34-38.
Next review the evidence you are collecting for your proposed study. Which theories have others cited? Are you seeing a common theme? Next construct a conceptual map
(see p. 133 in your textbook). Use Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint and include this as an attachment. Be sure you have defined the concepts and included
relational statements.
Provide constructive supportive feedback to your classmates posts.
Presents the grading criteria and rubric for this assignment.