How to Write About Artwork

Compare Renoir’s, Impressionist work Luncheon of the Boating Party to Seurat’s, Post-Impressionist Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.  How do each these works relate to their particular styles? Consider some differences/similarities between the works in terms of composition (organization, line, color, light, space).

Please see the resource “How to Write About Artwork” for additional information on composition.

_____________________________________________________ No outside source material. Use your power of observation from looking at the two styles of artwork and the information you have gained from reading the textbook. NO PLAGIARISM form text or Internet resources, as this will result in zero points. This week you will not respond classmate’s comments. However, review what some of your classmates have written. To achieve the maximum number of points completely respond to the questions thoughtfully and academically (This means a clear and concise argument, excellent grammar, and writing has been proofread) in the required minimum number of words. Posts that do not meet the previously mentioned requirements will receive a reduction in points.