Research the term primary key. Discuss what this means in the context of functions and relations. Describe an example of the use of a primary key.Part IIConsider the example of the states of the United States and the senators of the United States. If you consider the set of states as a domain and the set of senators as a range, you can establish a relation based on associations between the senators and the states. This relation would not be a function because each state corresponds to more than one senator. However, if you reverse the roles of the domain and range, then the relation is a function because each senator is associated with only one state.Make up your own example of 2 real-world sets – each with more than one element – and describe how the elements of the different sets can be paired, such that•if one set is considered the domain and the other the range, then the relation is not a function, and•if the roles (domain and range) of the two sets are reversed, then the relation is a function.