Which statement is true regarding the use of interdisciplinary team? Discuss the rate of unintentional injuries for older aldults D. Have Harriet and her family request a daily room check by staff 31. Sharron is a 90- year-old female who lived in Asia for most of her life and is a nonnative English speaker. She recently had emergency gallbladder surgery. Which nursing action would be best to do before discharging Sharron back to her accommodations? A. Explore her use of alternative medicines B. Explore English as a second language lessons C. Explore aromatherapy for relaxation purposes D. Explore counciling for depression options. 32. Agnes is a 77 year old who lost her husband last year and has congestive heart failure. She has a move in with her son Alex. She has been brought to the ER by Alex who says she is short of breath. He doesn’t know how long she has been in the state nor does he know the medication she should be on. What is the nursing priority? A. Admit and stabilize the patient B. Call Agne’s daughter C. Contact social services D. Ask the son if he is overwhelmed 33. Duke is a 90 year old male with Alzheimer’s Dementia living in a nursing home. Recently he has been experiencing sun downing. Which solutions should the nurse consider? A. Restraining the patient in a chair in lobby area where he can see people. B. Putting the patient in a room by himself with low light and a closed door C. Giving the patient nonpharmacologic treatments such as putting the patient in a well lit room D. Giving the patient Alprazolam to calm him down. 34. Ruth is a 75 year old residing in an assisted living facility and is at risk for fluid volume deficit. Which nursing action would ensure the most accurate monitoring of Ruth’s fluid status in a co-created plan of care? Choose 2 answer A. Measure and record fluid intake and output. B. Check for crackles in the lungs every shift C. Ask Ruth to weight each day at the same time D. Take the vital signs assessed every 4 hours. 35. Which activity would be helpful for older adult to engage in to prevent or interrupt the course of frailty? A. maintaining social relationships B. Taking a medication for each chronic disease/ disorder C. Avoiding travel D. Sleeping greater than 10 hours daily. Q36 What should the nurse first instruct the older adult to do when the older adult is beginning an exercise program A Purchase new gym shoes B work out until you sweat C Purchase membership at nearby gym D proceed with low intensity and moderat Show less