week 3Understanding Consumers (graded)Buyology: How “Neuromarketing” Is Trying to Understand Consumers. Read the Marketing Matters box on page 201 in the text.Why is neuromarketing important to marketers?What do you think about neuromarketing?Are you concerned that marketers will invade your privacy by influencing what you buy?Target Marketing (graded)“To Which Flock Do You Belong?” Read the Marketing Matters box on page 226 in the text. Go to www.mybestsegments.com and click the “You Are Where You Live” image. Then type in your ZIP code to find out what the most common segments are in your neighborhood.How can you use this information for your Course Project?What specific product or service organizations might be interested in targeting these segments?How could this information be used with social media?week 4New Products (graded)When a National Brand Doesn’t Work in an Unfamiliar Market. Read the Marketing Matters box on page 250 in the text.What went wrong for these new product examples?What are some of the marketing reasons that new products fail?What are some organizational reasons that new products fail?Building a Brand (graded)Mary Kay, Inc.: Building a Brand in India. Read the Mary Kay case study on pages 290–293 in the text. You may also choose to visit the publisher’s website to view the video, but this is optional.What is a positioning statement?What information should be included in a written positioning statement for Mary Kay?Is Mary Kay a global brand? Why or why not?