What Is Needed for Marketing to Occur? (graded)When you go for a job interview, is marketing taking place? Please discuss your reasons for answering yes or no.Think about your day today. How many times were you in a position when you fulfilled the criteria for marketing to occur? What were you marketing?What are the different kinds of things that can be exchanged in marketing? Give some examples.2Strategic Marketing Process (graded)IBM: Using Strategy to Build a Better Planet. Read the case study on pages 46 and 47 in the text. Use the following questions as a guide to participate in the discussion.What is IBM’s Smarter Planet business strategy? How does this strategy relate to IBM’s mission and values?Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative.What are the relevant trends for IBM to consider for the next 3 to 5 years?week 2 discnPurchase Decision Process (graded)Groupon: Helping Consumers with Purchase Decisions. Read the Groupon case on pages 133–135 in the text. You may also watch the video at the publisher’s website if you choose. Use the following questions as a guide to participate in the discussion:How has an understanding of consumer behavior helped Groupon grow from 40 subscribers in Chicago in 2008 to 60 million subscribers in 40 countries today?What is the Groupon Promise? How does the Groupon Promise affect a consumer’s perceived risk and cognitive dissonance?Describe the five-stage purchase decision process for a typical Groupon user.Buyers and Markets (graded)Visit the .census.gov/econ/census02/”>U.S. Censuswebsite. What information can you find on this site that will help you to estimate size of market for your marketing plan topic?By using the Internet to also research articles written by trade journals and industry experts, what other relevant information can you find about your industry to help you estimate your market size and market potential?