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Detailed Assessment Guidance
Academic content of work:
The focus of this assignment is on the patient / service user and what life is like for them living with a Long Term Condition (LTC). The case study should not be a description of the care provided. The whole essay should be written in the third person and academic references used throughout to support your work.
Introduction 150 words: Set the scene for the reader identify patient and their condition (acknowledge confidentiality). AGE 74 yo male Colin ex-smoker with CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE (COPD) married lives in large home with huge garden no local family (sees three times a year) one dog two cats retired accountant he is also obese and has mild heart failure. Dependent on oxygen 16hrs a day has portable oxygen and oxygen concentrator. Avid reader and gardener. Enjoys playing cards with friends. Wife osteoporosis and knee replacement but essentially fit. What is your aim? (to examine and identify the holistic impact of a LTC on the individuals life and wellbeing) Background to LTC 500 words: Introduce the condition and some vital statistics (mention symptoms and importance of assessment). Then describe the pathophysiology of the condition.
Holistic Implications 1200 words: start by introducing the patient in more detail and then identify the impact the LTC has on the patient from a holistic perspective. Pick two out of the following subjects to focus on: physical emotional social spiritual sexual financial implications. Make coherent links between current policy and your service (general practice provider we offer COPD reviews with nurse demonstration of inhaler technique referral to respiratory nurse service who can assess patients oxygen requirements symptom control and palliation co-ordination of care treatment and assessment of comorbid conditions prescription and dispensing of inhalers and allied medications counselling) and its role in care delivery. What were the priorities in care?
Conclusion 150 words: Summarise your key points and the main implications on the patients life and wellbeing. Do not introduce anything new here.
Word Count:
You are entitled to go 10% over or under your word count (excluding reference list). If you exceed 10% over the word count you will be subject to a 10% penalty of the eligible marks. If you exceed 10% below the word count it is likely that your work will lack the sufficient depth of content and you will be penalised accordingly.
1. A 2000 word case study exploring the holistic implications of a long term condition on an individuals life and wellbeing (LO24) 100%.
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