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Bowie State University
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Department of Nursing
NURS 509 Nursing Research
Research Critique Requirements (Revised)
You are required to complete two article critiques. Each Critique is worth 10 points and will be graded according to the list below. Critiques must be typed with appropriate APA format. Submit your critique with a copy of the research article. Include the following components in your critique. Be sure to provide a discussion about each item from the list below. Do not select an article that clearly list all of the components but one that requires that you read and determine the component. All articles must be scholarly and start with an abstract from very credible journals
Component Percent
Problem 10%
o State the problem
o Is the problem clearly stated?
o Is the problem significant to nursing?
Purpose 5%
o State the purpose
o Is the purpose clear?
o Does the purpose include the population concepts/variables
setting type of study?
Research questions 5%
o Are the questions clear?
o Are the questions linked to the purpose?
o If the questions are not stated identify one possible
research question
Conceptual framework 10%
o Is the framework identified? If yes
Are the concepts described?
Are the relationships among concepts described?
Does the framework fit with the study?
o If the framework is not identified what are the major
concepts of the study?
Literature review 10%
o Is tentative language used?
o Are there only primary sources?
o Does it contain only research? No opinions?
o Is it clear? Logical?
o Is it organized?
o Are the references current?
Component Percent
Measures of each concept 5%
o Are the descriptions of the measures/instruments
o Are the instruments valid and reliable?
o Are validity and reliability adequately described for
each measure/instrument?
Report of Results (see below) 10%
o Are findings discussed in relation to each
research question?
o Are the findings statistically significant?
Sample 5%
o What type of sample is included?
o How representative is the sample?
o What are the disadvantages of this type of sample?
o Was power analysis used to determine the sample size?
o Is the sample size adequate?
o Is the rationale for the inclusion criteria appropriate?
o Are the rights of human subjects protected?
Design 5%
o What is the design?
o What are the limitations of the design?
o What are the threats to validity of the design?
APA Forma 10%
Data analysis 5 points
1. Are the statistical tests used identified and the values reported?
2. Are appropriate statistics used according to level of measurement sample size
sampling method and hypotheses/research questions?
Results (Same as above)
1. Are the results for each hypothesis clearly and objectively presented?
2. Do the figures and tables illuminate the presentation of results?
3. Are results described in light of the theoretical framework and supporting literature?
Conclusions/discussion 10 points
1. Are conclusions based on the results and related to the hypotheses?
2. Are study limitations identified?
3. Are generalizations made within the scope of the findings?
4. Are implications of findings discussed (i.e. for practice education and research)?
5. Are recommendations for further research stated?
Research utilization implications 10 points
1. Is the study of sufficient quality to meet the criterion of scientific merit?
2. Is the study of relevance to practice?
3. Is the study feasible for nurses to implement?
4. Do the benefits of the study outweigh the risks?
Use of proper format (APA) grammar spelling and punctuation 17 points
Student Paper General Requirements and Guidelines
1. All papers must be typewritten or printed on standard 81/2 x 11-inch white bond
paper. The type-face should be times roman or courier. Do not use bold or other
styles of type. Limit the use of italicized words.
2. All papers must have a title page that includes a page header running head title
and authors name and affiliation.
3. All papers must have margins of at least 1 inch at the top bottom left and right of
every page. Do not justify the right margin and do not hyphenate words at the end of