There are many companies out there that will place people into “clusters” or “segments”. Claritasis one of many. I am choosing that one because I’m familiar with them and for no other reason. Ifyou know of other companies that do this type of work, feel free to use them instead of this link.Please provide me with the link if you decide to blaze your own trail. OK … here’s the topic.Initial Research (this will be fun):Go to the Claritas (which I believe is now owned by Nielsen) (note that other companies also do thistype of work, so feel free to check them out instead of Claritas if that is your preference).?o Click on the tab that says SEGMENT EXPLORERo Familiarize yourself with the various clusterso What cluster do you think you are in?o Use the menu on the left and see what cluster you are in.o Repeat this for some people that you knowo Click on the “Zip Code” Lookup and see the people in your neighborhood. What is your cluster based upon Zip Code? Finally, discuss some of the following (the more you cover, the more points you get!)PART 1 Discussion of the clusters:Do you believe that the description of your cluster is accurate? Why or why not? What about the descriptions of people whom you know?PART 2 How Do They Do That?:How do you think these clusters are created?How would you do it if you had to come up with customer clusters?PART 3 Why do I care?:What use (if any) would these clusters have in a business?Could these or similar clustres be used in a predictive model? If so, how?What are the pros and cons of using purchased clusters as opposed to building your own clusters in your company?