Human Resource Management – Project 1Begin by downloading the file,”>FO1 Student Project 1.pdf. This file will provide you with the information and forms you will need to complete Project 1. If you have difficulties in editing the .pdf file you may download the word document,″>FO1StudentProject1(1).doc. After reviewing the information and forms for Part 1, create a document that utilizes the enclosed policies, forms, and memorandums to make a decision on the formal grievance outlined in the scenario. Your answer to the formal grievance will comply with all department policies and maintain the station level staffing. Use the format below (on page 14 of the PDF file) to create your document.PARKVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT1983 Fire Prevention WayParkville, Anystate 11223TO:FROM:DATE:SUBJECT:For Part 2,you will use the staffing information provided in Part 1 and the memo and leave requests in Part 2 to complete a schedule for the month of September. Download the calendar,”>FO1 Student Project 1 Calendar.doc. Enter the information in the blocks so the blocks expand vertically (use the carriage return).After you have completed both Parts 1 and 2, combine both parts into one document and submit it using the file upload link below.The performance standards by which your submission will be evaluated is located on the last page of the file download – FO1 Student Project”>NFPA 1021 Standards for Project 14.1.2General Prerequisite Skills. The ability to effectively communicate in writing utilizing technology provided by the AHJ; write reports, letters, and memos utilizing word processing and spreadsheet programs; operate in an information management system; and effectively operate at all levels in the incident management system utilized by the AHJ.4.2.5Apply human resource policies and procedures, given an administrative situation requiring action, so that policies and procedures are followed.(A) Requisite Knowledge: Human resource policies and procedures(B) Requisite Skills: The ability to communicate orally and in writing and to relate interpersonally4.2.6Coordinate the completion of assigned tasks and projects by members, given a list of projects, tasks, and the job requirements of subordinates; so that the assignments are prioritized, a plan for the completion of each assignment is developed, and members are assigned to specific tasks and are supervised and held accountable for the completion of the assignments.(A) Requisite Knowledge: Principles of supervision and basic human resource management(B) Requisite Skills: The ability to plan and to set priorities
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