Create a banner ad in Word or PPT that is attractive, informative

Depending upon the activity you have chosen to introduce into your cafe from assignment 7, you now wish to advertise on several websites. For this assignment, please:Create a banner ad in Word or PPT that is attractive, informative, and discusses the first meeting of the activity you identified in assignment 7. For example, had you decided on a book club (NOT an option, as they’re already held there) you would want to design a banner ad to be placed on complementary web sites that tells the first meeting, any requirements (open to whom, cost, etc), and location. The banner ad should be attractive and informative.Then, beneath your designed banner ad, or on a separate Word page, list 10 web pages you’d like to see it located on. Provide the URL of *real* websites and provide a sentence or two about why it would be a good web page to put your banner ad on.Upload your completed banner ad in a Word / PPT file along with your 10 suggested sites and reasons for each site by clicking Browse, below.How to design a banner ad: