Course Project

The Research Paper


This week, you will submit the final draft of your research paper. The paper is expected to be professional and written following APA guidelines. An APA paper template has been provided here for students unfamiliar with these requirements.

The paper must incorporate all of the following components required for the assignment:

A title page, including the student’s name and DSI number 

An abstract

A table of contents

An introduction, including a clearly defined thesis statement (roughly one page) 

A historical timeline that diagrams at least three predecessors to the emergent technology that includes an assessment on how these technologies influenced the development of the current technology (roughly two pages)

An analysis of the technology’s influence on society considering all of the following components (roughly four pages)





Environmental impact

An evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the technology in relation to its impact on humanity (roughly two pages)

Concluding remarks that include predictions for the future of humanity given the technology’s emergence (roughly one page) 

In-text, APA-formatted citations with a reference page

A one-page peer evaluation analysis detailing the following items: 

A copy of the Peer Evaluation Grading Sheet

The edits added or subtracted from the suggestions provided by the collaboration

A description of the reasoning behind the changes

Visual aids, including appropriate graphics and statistical charts