Purpose: The aim of this exam is for you to compare and contrast about the careers you’ve written about all semester long.

Requirements: you must create a chart that list all 9 careers that you’ve researched from the non-profit sector, private and NGO sectors and list their pros and cons, salaries, stressors, dangers, and miscellaneous information. you may also include additional careers that you may be interested in even if they do not have to do with the criminal justice system.

9 careers

criminal justice careers within the non-profit sectors 

1. Correctional Services Specialist

2.Substance abuse counselor

3. Mediator

Private Sector  

1. Criminal Prevention Specialist


3. Bail Enforcement Agent

Public Sector 

1.Police Officer

2. Forensic analyst investigator

3. Paralegal

-After compiling the chart of all the careers, you must choose your top 3 options and describe why they were chosen

-based on the salary average from each of those careers you must create a yearly budget that includes expected costs of living.

-you must also write about that you found most interesting while researching doing this project all semester.

use academic scholarly sources whenever possible, however it may not always be possible to find empirical data on all your career options. Nevertheless, refrain from using the text book.