According to the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS), the Affordable Care Act (ACA) gives citizens flexibility and control in order to make informed decisions. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the ACA. In your opinion, is the law beneficial or detrimental to the U.S. healthcare system?

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The Affordable Care Act was signed by President Obama in 2010 and his goal was to ensure Americans had health insurance or at least some sort of coverage.  Due to so many Americans being uninsured, he created this law to help make medical coverage affordable and available.  Some strengths of the ACA is it improved the amount of health care coverage while lowering costs such as annual fees or deductibles.  It increased access to health care since those without insurance would not get seen due to the amount of money it would cost. It also allows young adults aged 26 and under to stay on their parent’s insurance plan.  Some weaknesses of the ACA is it affects those who are in the higher end income bracket since they typically have to pay more for insurance and do not get a tax break.  Another one is if Americans do not get ACA, they will be charged a fee which creates complications for end of year taxes. Another downfall is those who have ACA pay a monthly fee so it prevents people from getting insurance only when they are sick.  Since I am active military, I’ve never had to worry about health insurance, but I do have friends and family that have been without insurance and they think it’s beneficial.  If I wasn’t military, and was struggling to make ends meet, it would be difficult to afford health insurance and I think most of our Americans are in the lower income bracket so I think the law is beneficial.