Case study 2
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Alcoa has always had a strong values-based culture. Two of Alcoa’s values center upon health and safety. As with any large, diversified organization, it is not easy for values to be shared and practiced consistently throughout all units. Although it was agreed that Alcoa was in compliance with appropriate laws and regulations at one of its Mexican plants, charges were made that Alcoa did not live up to its core values of health and safety.

Respond to Discussion Questions:

1.    How would you classify Alcoa’s ethical work climate? Which ethical criterion, as shown in figure 5.1, was used by the company: egoism (self-centered), benevolence (concern for others), or principles (integrity approach)? Or, using Professor Paine’s two distinct ethics approaches, as discussed in this chapter, was Alcoa’s approach more compliance or integrity.

2.    What role did top management commitment play in developing the ethical work climate and organizational performance seen at Alcoa? What other ethical safeguards are mentioned in the case to support the company’s efforts at developing a strong ethical culture.

Chapter 5: A company’s culture and ethical climate tend to shape the attitudes and actions of all who work there. Professional associations often attempt to provide a standard of conduct as a guide to ethical situations. Corporations not only need to have an ethics program for employees, they need to follow the laws of the nation.

Keep in mind to integrate the core values of Saint Leo University that you believe should apply to this issue. Responses for each case discussion question should be in paragraph form and be approximately 250 words in length. Please include at least one reference from the book.