OGM 314 Business Evaluation Criteria

Topic: Does your company effectively communicate to its stakeholders?

Presentations must be a minimum of 10 complete pages not including work cited or cover page and a minimum of 5-10 minutes long.

I. Sources: Does the paper use the right kinds of scholarly or popular-scholarly sources to support its claims?

While no number of sources can be called automatically “enough,” the assignment requires that you find sources of sufficient quality to support what you say you know about your topic and your recommendation. Scholarly sources are preferable, but in some cases other sources can be used for support if corroborated by scholarly sources.

Is the paper based on at least some recent article-length sources?

Articles are the sources of the most recent and most tightly focused analysis on your topic. Do not rely solely on books found in the library because the library catalogue is easier to use, or because books appear to have “more on the topic, book-length manuscripts become outdated, and make it difficult for students to extract useful support from them without misunderstanding what they are borrowing. Conclusions based on out of date evidence fail to persuade. Students who want to succeed must seek out the most recent and authoritative sources on their topics.

II. The paper should answer the following questions:

  • Company’s Mission, Vision Statement, and Culture.
  • How well has this particular company held up over the last 5 years based on business and financial performance.
  • How well does this company communicate from an internal and external aspect.
  • Would you consider this company a major competitor or minor competitor in its industry?
  • What are the 3 major competitors? How well do they communicate their mission, goods & services to their external and internal audiences?
  • How has the macro and micro environments affected this company?
  • What are 3 Recommendations you would give to this company on continuing or improving on how they communicate.
  • Social Media Presence
  • Marketing and Branding Awareness
  • Consumer Reviews (what are the customers saying about this company)
  • # of people employed/starting salary
  • Would you want to work for this company

These questions are asking whether the student has moved beyond the stage of merely reporting what others say, and into the stage of being able to think creatively about the topic.

III. Mechanics and Documentation: Does the paper use standard academic English usage and sentence construction, coherent and well-ordered paragraphs, and logical paragraph transition?

  • Introduction
  • Literature/Scholarly Sources to support the argument/analysis
  • Analysis of Data and Results (Tables, Graphs, etc. are also encouraged)
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion

The paper must accurately and consistently use a documentation style appropriate to the discipline (APA in citing works)

The University’s Tutoring Lab’s help will be more important than ever when your intellectual efforts are most challenged by the newly learned concepts and methods you must concentrate on, to ensure your grammar and syntax is correct.  Involve the tutors you work with in your early drafting, not just in your proof-reading of the final draft. Also a great tool to use is the DISCUS Virtual Library for Business, Economics & Legal studies at the J. S. Flipper Library on Campus.

To prevent typical source error(s) is to start your paper’s first draft with a list of sources as you accumulate them in your research, properly formatted in the APA Citation Style. This is too important to leave for the last five minutes of the writing process, and if you develop the habit of doing it early you will save yourself countless disappointments in later papers.  Just build the paper on top of that source list, and add to it every time you develop a new source, and you can spend your last hours polishing your paper rather than worrying about documentation format.

Section of the paper What it should contain
Introduction & Background
  • Make it brief (~1/10 of the paper’s total length).
  • Grab the reader’s interest while introducing the topic.
  • Explain the “big picture” relevance. (Business Market)
  • Provide the necessary background information.
Body of the Paper
  • Evidence:  Describe important results from recent primary literature articles and Scholarly Sources, Financial Statements.
  • Explain how those results shape our current understanding of the topic.
  • Explain how your company compares to its competitors.
  • Point out and address any controversies in the field.
  • Use figures and/or tables to present your own synthesis of the original data or to show key data taken directly from the original sources.
  • Summarize your major points.
  • Point out the significance of these results.
  • Would you invest in this company
  • Would you work for this company
Literature Cited
  • You will need to give a minimum of 4 references that you must use and cite in your paper, using APA