It is from Chapter 8 (  

Leadership in Organizations, Yukl, 8th Edition, 2013, Pearson. ISBN 978-0-13-277186-3), pg. 219-220, Case: Sporting Goods Store

Answer the three questions, 100-150 words each question

In your response, include a total of at least 3 KEY TERMS-BOLD THESE,

and at least  one outside scholarly source BOLD THIS ALSO and reference it (these) at the bottom of your response. 

To assist you in answering the questions for the CASE: Sporting Goods Store, please view the TED TALK in the Forum. You do not have to reference this in your posts, but you may.

(How hierarchies help and hamper us in creating great organizations.

Markus Reizig)


(The Perfect Boss.  Dr. Axel Zein)