Question 1: (7 marks)Olympia Sports store wants to determine whether or not to concentrate its advertising on athletic shoes for the “serious” athlete or the “weekend” athlete. The store also wants to know which type of use is the most popular. The marketing department gathered the following information from randomly selected customers.Athlete Tennis Running BasketballSerious 36 27 52Weekend 54 66 30Find the probability that if one customer is randomly selected he/she is a serious athlete and buys a shoe primarily for running.Find the probability that if one customer is randomly chosen he/she is a serious athlete or an athlete who buys shoes for tennis.Given that a customer buys shoes for basketball, find the probability that the customer is a weekend athlete.If two customers are randomly chosen (without replacement), find the probability that they will both buy shoes primarily for tennis.Question 2: (7 marks)A couple plans to have 4 children.List the different outcomes according to the gender of each child. Assume that these outcomes are equally likely.How many events are possible?Find the probability of getting exactly 2 girls.Find the probability of getting exactly 2 children of each gender.Question 3: (4 marks)In a casino game craps, you can bet the next roll of the two dice with result in a total of 2. The probability of rolling 2 is 1/36. Find the odds against rolling 2.If you bet $5 that the next roll of the dice will be 2, you will collect $155 (including your $5 bet) if you win. First identify the net profit, then find the payoff odds.Question 4: (2 marks)A supervisor must visit 8 different distribution locations around the country. She can visit them in any order, but wishes to find the most convenient sequence. How many sequences are possible?Question 5: (4 marks)There are 12 members on the board of directors for Cliffside General Hospital.If they must elect a chairperson, first vice chairperson, second vice chairperson, and secretary, how many different slates of candidates are possible?If they must form an ethics subcommittee of 4 members, how many different subcommittee are possible?Question 6: (6 marks)In a market study for Zellers, a researcher found that 70% of customers are repeat customers. If 12 customers are selected at random, find the probability of getting.Exactly 9 of them are repeat customersAt least 9 of them are repeat customersAt most 9 of them are repeat customers