Grade Details – All QuestionsPage: 1 21. Question : (TCO 9) In a TQM manufacturing environment, the burden of inspecting the quality of purchased material rests with the _____.Student Answer: transporter of the material supplier of the material user of the material purchaser of the material2. Question : (TCO 9) Employees of an insurance firm are given the task of studying the very successful employee training program at a bank. This is an example of which of the following?Student Answer: Process management Strategic reengineering Benchmarking Quality control3. Question : (TCO 9) Which type of process drives the creation of products and services, is critical to customer satisfaction, and has a large impact on the organization’s strategic goals?Student Answer: Value-creation process Support process Outsourced process Supplier process4. Question : (TCO 9) _____ are accountable for process performance.Student Answer: Process managers Process owners Process workers Process Black Belts5. Question : (TCO 9) In the context of process management, _____ is the activity of ensuring conformance to the requirements and taking corrective action when necessary to correct problems and maintain stable performance, whereas _____ implies enhancing performance.Student Answer: performance, innovation control, improvement inspection, anticipation standardization, customization6. Question : (TCO 10) If a company finds that the level of employee satisfaction appears to predict turnover, then employee satisfaction represents ______ measure while turnover represents ______ measure.Student Answer: a leading, a lagging a prescriptive, a predictive a dependent, an independent a prevention, an appraisal7. Question : (TCO 10) A good, balanced scorecard should contain which of the following?Student Answer: Lagging measures only Leading measures only Both lagging and leading measures Neither lagging nor leading measures8. Question : (TCO 10) Operational improvement is an example of which of the following measures?Student Answer: Customer-focused measure Organizational effectiveness measure Governance measure Social responsibility measure9. Question : (TCO 10) An advantage of cost of quality measures is that management receives a report in which the unit of analysis is _____.Student Answer: errors defects dollars lost sales10. Question : (TCO 10) Regulatory/legal compliance and community service is an example of which of the following performance measures?Student Answer: Financial and market measure Governance measure Human resource measure Leadership and social responsibility measureGrade Details – All QuestionsPage: 1 21. Question : (TCO 9) Match the following:Student Answer: : Process improvement : Kaizen : Cycle time : Agility : Breakthrough improvement 2. Question : (TCO 10) What are the three main costs that relate to external failure costs?3. Question : (TCO 10) What are three of the five purposes of a performance measurement system?4. Question : (TCO 10) What are three of the five benefits listed that the right information to the right people can provide?5. Question : (TCO 9) What are three of the seven elements of effective quality control systems?6. Question : (TCO 9) What are three of the five activities that a total approach to product and process design involves?7. Question : (TCO 9) Briefly describe breakthrough quality improvement.
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