1- Briefly explain codification and personalization as they relate to knowledge management. How does the sort of knowledge management strategy a company has relate to its’ business strategy? How should one pick a knowledge management strategy?2- What is an ASP in terms of a source for IT applications? What are advantages and disadvantages of using one? When should the enterprise use an ASP? When not?3- What are 3 strategies you can consider when you are implementing a new application in an enterprise? Include an advantage and a disadvantage of each.4- When staffing our projects, why should we keep our work teams sized at 10 or less?5- What are your 2 main options when deciding on a source for your IT applications? What are the 5 advantages/and 5 disadvantages of each strategy? How do you choose?Note: The answers should be at least from one to two paragraphs.- Try to write the answers from your own words.