BME/ISE 3540 Project 1- Summer 2014

The purpose of this project is to start learning Matlab using a topic of your choice. Thiswill be everyone’s opportunity to go out, get some data from the internet, and do some basicgraphical analysis. The most important is to EXPLORE the data, have fun in a topic thatyou enjoy, and try new things! This could be a sport of your choice, an industry that yourgroup is really into (music, oil, human factors engineering, etc…), or just some boring dataset you can ?nd that will do the trick (you can go to many university websites to obtaindata.The primary elements of this project will be to save the data to a text or excel (typicallya .csv) ?le, import the data into Matlab, run some rudimentary analysis (averages, standarddeviations, etc…), and generate at least 5 di?erent graphical representations of the data. Theonly requirements for the data is that there must be at least 15 “?elds” (think columns),and over 100 data points (think rows).A functioning link to the data set must be included with your project write-up, as wellas the .m ?les you have generated. Each graph is to have a legend, all axis labels clearlyidenti?ed, and a title for what the graph represents. For each plot you provide, thereshould be a write-up (a few paragraphs) telling me why you chose to perform the speci?canalysis, what you found using the speci?c method of choice, and whether or not the resultis signi?cant/interesting/etc (and why or why not).Each graph should attempt to use di?erent colors, line types, etc to demonstrate yourunderstanding of the Matlab commands. This ?rst project will set the tone for the rest ofthe term, so the more fun you have, and the harder you work, the better (more relaxed) therest of the course will be. Again, this is intended for you to investigate a topic, or topicsthat