Blaw201 week 7 discussions”>Week 7: Question 1Alonzo Marchetti, who owned a construction company, promised his son, Romo, that if Romo would manage the family business for their mutual benefit and would take care of him for the rest of his life, he would leave the family home to Romo. Romo performed as requested – he managed the family business and took care of his father until the father died three years later. When the father died, his will devised the family home to his daughter, Lucia Shipman. Romo brought this action to enforce his father’s promise that the home would be given to Romo. The daughter argued that the will should be upheld. What defense will Lucia use? Who will succeed? Did the son and daughter act ethically towards each other? Dq2Carlson Mamet interviewed for a position with KAC, Inc. During the interviews, Mamet questioned the permanency of the job and was told that “as long as employees do a commendable job, they have no fear of being laid off” and “employees are never laid off unless there is due cause.” In March of 2004, Mamet signed a one-page employment agreement with KAC. The first paragraph provided that KAC would employ Mamet “for a length of time determined by the will of KAC and Mamet.” In June 2008, KAC began terminating many employees. On March 8, 2009, Mamet was told he was terminated as part of the staff reduction.By June 2010, KAC had laid off about 9,000 employees. Mamet sued KAC for breach of the agreement to provide permanent employment to him.Will Mamet succeed in proving that KAC breached their agreement with him?