Biology questions

If nitroglycerine causes the dilation of the veins, how would the stroke volume be effected?-Paula has a sore throat. Her physician ordered a differential blood cell count and here are the leukocyte results per cubic millimeter: Total 15,000; mature neutrophils 13,000; 1,500 lymphocytes, 300 monocytes, 150 eosinophils, 50 basophils. What is the most likely cause of her sore throat?-During an HIV attack, why is it that the number of CD8 cells increases in the blood stream?-If you wished to control chronic high blood pressure in a person, which hormones should you block? Assume that this individual exhibits no signs of emotional stress.-If a person lived in Mexico City (more than 2150 meters or 7000 feet above sea level) moved to Vancouver, British Columbia (on the Pacific Ocean), how and why might this move affect their blood viscosity?