B232 module 1 project assignment

Module 01 Marketing Project – Product/Service SelectionProject OverviewYou are a product manager planning to launch a new product or service. This may be an existing product or service that is new to your company or it may be a non-existent product that is new to the world. If you choose to launch an existing product (one that is new to your company, but not new to the world), put a twist on it so that it is not identical to the product already in the market. During this project, you will combine concepts from the course and your own research to complete the critical marketing activities to support the launch of your new product or service. Please note that, due to the nature of the project, a product will work much better than a service.Please use a minimum of 2 scholarly sources to complete a 2-page paper in which you:Discuss the product or service you plan to launch and explain why you selected it.Include a preliminary discussion of who the target audience is for the product/service.Outline the value that the selected product/service will deliver to the target consumer.Please note that you will use the same product/service throughout the duration of the course project, so please choose wisely! Suggestion: Products will work better than services for this project. Also, if you choose an existing product/service, it should be different, in some way, than the product/service already in the market.Your final assignment should be proofread for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. For more information on APA,