APU HRMT427 Week 3 and 4 forum

Instructions: After reviewing your reading assignments this week, and using your text and any outside sources, respond in at least 250 words to the following two questions. Be sure to respond to at least 2 of your classmates for full credit;1. As a human resource hiring manager, when choosing a replacement for an overseas position; what factors should be included in the hiring decision.2. What actions should your department consider prior to assigning or hiring a person for an overseas position.week 4Instructions:What are some of the challenges faced in training expatriate managers? As an HR manager what can you do to overcome those challenges? Be thorough in your analysis.Please make sure that your initial response contains a minimum of 250 words and you must respond to at least 2 classmates for full credit. You must also include proper citations and a reference list for your sources.