APU FINC410 Week 1 and week 2 forum

To comply with new Federal Student Aid regulations effective July 1, 2011, APU and AMU have implemented a policy requiring all students who start new courses on or after Monday, July 4, 2011, to complete both of the Week 1 assigned forum posts of at least 250 words (250 word Introduction post and 250 word Week 1 forum post).Both of these forum posts must be completed during Week 1 no later than Sunday night at midnight Eastern Time, or you will be automatically dropped from class, and you will not receive your Federal Student Aid disbursement if applicable.Be sure to submit these forum assignments for this course by midnight Eastern Time on Day 7 (Sunday) of Week 1week 2Describe and define Government Intervention as it relates to government influence on exchange rates. Does it work? Give some examples of Direct and Indirect intervention (in approximately 200 words). (LO 2) Respond to at least two other students’ posts by taking the opposite point of view (devils’ advocate) with supporting evidence or examples or by providing additional support for their position.