APU BUSN419 Week Two Homework Assignment

Using the class Forum and the topic labeled Week 2 Assignment, complete the following:Identify the role of the political economy in international trade; how do these roles affect the countries you previously evaluated in Week 1? Use scholarly articles to support your stance.Minimum 2 full pages (850 words). Does not include cover page or reference page.Assignment must be in proper APA format to include (double spacing, indentations of paragraphs, in-text references, etc.). Please review the APA videos and links shared in the course syllabus and announcement section of the course. Submit Assignment 2 by midnight, Day 7, week 2. Submit in the Assignment “Completed in Forum.”Turn It In (TII):TII is integrated in this course which means you will not need your own account for submitting papers. Your faculty member will decide for each assignment if your paper needs to be submitted to TII. Please submit each assignment only in the Assignments area.