Analysis Inventory

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Urgency 6 to 8  hours 

No. of Pages/Wordcount

3 page(s)/825 Words

Style APA Style

Destailed Description

1. Using the following scenario, create an analysis inventory:

a. Your company is a $20 million Mid-west manufacturer. During the past five years sales growth has slowed from 15% per year, to 2% per year. Company management has decided that introducing the product into the European market will reduce the declining sales growth trend. Management wants you to run some analytics on the situation. 

2. In a chart format, identify 10 actual situations that analytics would evaluate to improve the analysis of this problem/decision. 

Specific Analysis Problems Industry Knowledge Necessary to Interpret Data Outputs (High/Medium/Low) Accuracy/Reliability of Outputs Necessary to Support Decision-Making. (High/Medium/Low)

a. Support your analysis of Industry Knowledge and Accuracy/Reliability. Do not just indicate High/Medium/Low.

b. For one of the Specific Analysis Problems Identified, determine a piece of software available that the company could use in analyzing the problem.

3. Submit this table in APA format, including a title page and reference page


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