What role do you feel the media plays in the U.S. political system? How does social and alternative media play into this influence? Do you believe the media has too much, too little, or just about the right amount of influence in the U.S. political system?

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Great question about the role the media plays.  Well to me its clear what role they play.  The media to me is best described as a sales representative for the current shift in tide of the direction of the people based on pools and public opinion.  Also added to that is those companies or individual with the biggest financial contribution can sway the tide as well.  I didn’t see it as first until I became an independent.  As a conservative they always had packs and think tanks constantly swaying public opinions and polls with on the ground troops and subversive messages via pondents and Television and movie honorable mentions.  Of course the liberal side has been more blatant about it for years.  This means would fall under the social and alternative media category. So its my contention that most citzens are to lazy to research the needed information they need to make a good clear headed decision on any given mater, so they trust the media to bring it to them in bit size portions, palatable enough to chew so one can feel like they drew thier on conclusion on any given matter. the system is skewed.  I’m sure, in my opinion, it will only get worst.