Report format- Five pages of text minimum, single line space, size 12, font times new roman

Graphs, data tables and reference list are on additional page(s). 

Submission format: Word

Please find a current operational and sizable “Wind Farm” around the world, address the following areas: the feasibility study guide for choosing a location (for the wind farm) and types of wind mill available (technical aspects, such as efficiency).  physics principles and parameters involved in harvesting wind power, derive the equation for power yielded operational management study of such a wind farm ( how many wind mills to install, project costs,  amount of energy harvests annually, equivalent of CO2 reduction if the same of energy is produced by using traditional fossil fuel, years to “recover’ the initial investment, annual maintenance costs, etc..) Pros and Coms for harvesting wind power.  new theory/technology in progress for wind mill. 

I would prefer to have this done by 4/29 Sunday night, if not then latest Monday 4/30 morning. I emphasize please do not plagiarize and do original work. Thank you.