1. Administrative Law

    Instructions: Use the website for the United States Department of State (State Department)


    Using only information that you find on the official website, answer the following questions. For each question, please include the tab that you used to find the answer. For example, if I am looking to find information about the history of the State Department, you would click on the “about” tab at the top of the website and then go to the drop-down menu and choose “history.”

    Each question is worth 5 points (please remember that these points are not included in your grade. The CP points are calculated to allow you to drop your lowest test grade and lowest written assignment grade.

    1.What is the mission of the State Department?

    2.What job opportunities are there at the State Department that might be a career opportunity for a GMU business student, upon graduation. Provide 2 examples and use current job openings.

    3.Using information found in the Business section of the website, explain how a business can use the information provided to develop business opportunities or describe how information on this page is important for a business student to know.

    4.Tweet: write an original tweet (as if you were employed by the social media department for the State Department) based on information from one of the above questions.