Accounting Homework 5 Problems

1)Built-in gains tax. Theta Corporation formed 15 years ago. In its first year, it elected to use the cash method of accounting and adopted a calendar year as its tax year. It made an S election on August 15 of last year, effective for Theta’s current tax year. At the beginning of the current year, Theta had assets with a $600,000 FMV and a $180,000 adjusted basis. During the current year, Theta reports taxable income of $400,000.a) In the current year, Theta collects all $200,000 of accounts receivable outstanding on January 1 of the current year. The receivables had a zero adjusted basis. b) On February 1, Theta sells automobile for $3,500. The automobile had a $2,000 adjusted basis and a $3,000 FMV on January 1 of the current year. Theta claimed $800 of MACRS depreciation on the automobile in the current year.c) On March 1, Theta sells land (a Sec. 1231 asset) that it held three years in anticipation of building its own office building for a $35,000 gain. The land had a $45,000 FMV and a $25,000 adjusted basis on January 1 of the current year.d) In the current year, Theta paid $125,000 of accounts payable outstanding on January 1 of the current year. All the payables are deductible expenses. What is the amount of theta’s built-in gains tax liability?_____________________2) Mike and Nancy are equal shareholders in MN Corporation, an S corporation. The corporation, Mikeand Nancy are calendar-year taxpayers. The corporation has been an S corporation during its entireexistence and thus has no accumulated E&P. The Shareholders have no loans to the corporation. Thecorporation incurred the following items in the current year:Sales: $300,000Cost of goods sold 140,000 Dividends on corp. investments 10,000 Tax­exempt 3,000 Section 1245 gain (recapture) on 22,000 equiptment sale Section 1231 gain on equipt. sale 12,000 Long­term capital gain on stock sale 8,000 Long­term capital loss on stock sale 7,000 Short­term capital loss on stock sale 6,000 Depreciation 18,000 Salary to Nancy 20,000 Meals & entertainment expenses 7,800 Interest expense on loans allocable to: Business debt 32,000 Stock investments 6,400 Tax­exempt bonds 1,800 Principle payment on business loan 9,000 Charitable contributions 2,000 Distributions to shareholders 30,000 ($15,000 ea.)a. Compute the S corporation’s ordinary income and separately stated items.b. Then show Mikes’s and Nancy’s shares of the items in part a.